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Establishing New Credit Lines!
Acquiring Credit Cards!
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Late Payment Removal!
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Our Goals

PDQ Credit Repair has successfully, morally, ethically and legally removed hundreds of thousands of items from individual credit reports.  Our records indicate that within the first 60 days, we have approximately 35% of all issues resolved or amended.  Within 120 days, 70% of the issues are resolved or expunged.  We proudly boast our 90% correction rate over a 12 month period.

Low Credit Score Slowing You Down?

In today’s economy, a high credit score is no longer an option, it's a necessity. Our organization, PDQ Credit Repair & Imaging, was established to assist you in credit repair and obtaining that

optimum credit score that you want and deserve. You no longer need to despair over loan applications, knowing that PDQ Credit Repair is in your corner. Apply for a mortgage, car loan, car lease or credit card with confidence. Credit Repair is nothing to

be ashamed of! The road to financial freedom is only a phone call

away. Our programs are extremely affordable and upon enrollment,

we will get started on your credit repair immediately. So, what are

you waiting for?


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"All I can say is, WOW!

I am so glad I made that call. After working with PDQ Credit Repair only 45 days, I had my credit put right.  I did not believe it was possible and that it could happen so quickly!" ~ Melvin W. (Richardson, Texas)

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Team Work

At PDQ Credit Repair, we work with you, your banker, your realtor or your lendor to get your credit issues resolved. If you are in need of one, or all of the aforementioned, we have a vast number of professionals that we can proudly recommend across the country.